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We collaborate with people who want more from their life.

The idea of home is changing faster than ever before.

No longer a sanctuary from the outside world, our homes are a place where all facets of life intersect. Work, study and personal lives occur under the one roof and, more than ever, we’re aware of our responsibility to the planet. 

Even so, some things have not changed. The pleasure of self-expression through your home. The satisfaction of building with natural, honest materials. And the joy of feeling connected with your surrounds.

At RUBI, we design residences and multiresidential developments that will stand for generations. That means looking forward to the future, while still honouring the fundamentals that make home an inviting, human space. 


We believe in great design ... but we're also realists (and that's a good thing)

That’s why we have a hands-on directorial team with equal strengths in architecture and construction management. Their diversity of skills and global experience give you confidence you’re receiving top-tier service from an approachable team. Alex and Antonio are with you for the life of your project, openly sharing their design and technical insights. 

Alex Rubilar


Alex enriches projects with his experience designing high-end projects all over the globe. Originally from Chile, he discovered his calling to be an architect while building custom houses in the USA. His work as an architect has seen him designing boutique residential and commercial projects in the USA, detailed homes in Tokyo and award-winning projects across Melbourne and Geelong.

Even though he’s our lead design thinker, Alex’s experience working on the tools as a builder gives him a clear idea of how designs come to life onsite. His other strength is his ability to listen and understand what you want from your project and why that is important.

Master of Architecture
Bachelor of Design (Architecture)
Diploma of Building Design and Technology

Antonio La Torre

Practice Principal/Construction Manager

Growing up in the rich, textured surrounds southern Spain, Antonio developed an appreciation for architecture at a young age. He worked in construction management in Spain and Chile before calling Australia home, where has overseen the development of multi-residential projects. Having ushed projects into existence all over the world,  Antonio has the ability to look at problems from fresh new perspectives.

Antonio is our project manager and he develops clear project documentation with a level of detail that builders thank him for. We call Antonio the triple threat – because in addition to his construction management and documentation strengths, he also has a Diploma of Accounting, so you know you can trust his numbers. 

Bachelor of Applied Science (Construction Management)
Diploma of Building Design
Diploma of Accounting
Certified Passive House Designer

Great design is buildable design

Here’s the thing; good architecture does not need to be pretentious in complexity or novelty in order to be experiential. We believe good design balances sustainability, craftsmanship and the wellbeing of people. It prioritises locally sourced materials, flows with the rhythm of life and makes a positive contribution to a neighbourhood.

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