What should you look for in an Architect?

A registered Australian Architect

Registration ensures that the architect meets a high, nationally assessed, competency standard. A registered architect is required to undergo a broader and deeper education in contrast to a building designer, or draftsman. Registration means the architect has undergone an extensive qualification and accreditation process that encompasses academic training, on the job experience, registration exams and insurance coverage. A registered Australian architect is required to demonstrate knowledge across the regulatory domain, the social and ethical domain, the sustainable environment domain, the disciplinary domain, and the communication domain.

Furthermore a Registered Australian Architect is required to demonstrate ability across all elements of architecture including Design, Documentation, Project Delivery, and Practice Management.

RUBI Architects is registered with the Architects Registration Board of Victoria.

Shared Vision and Values

You will want an architect who shares your values and understands your vision. This can include things like environmental values, but it’s also important to share similar aesthetic values – it helps to be on the same page about what is good and bad design. Check out the architect’s portfolio and have a chat in person to see if you click. RUBI Architects values sustainability in every aspect of a project, from environmental design to material selection and everything in between.

An architect that has experience in your area

Local experience matters – from knowing the best contractors, to understanding the inherent qualities and challenges of a particular environment or location. This experience contributes to the ability to make a building connected to its site – like a tailored suit. Without an understanding of place, a building can not be made to be truly be one with its location. RUBI Architects has developed a wealth of understanding and knowledge of the Geelong and Surfcoast region of Victoria that only a local can have.

An architect with experience in your type of project.

There are many rules and regulations to comply with, and the rules and regulations vary wildly depending on the type of project. Experience can save a lot of time, money and stress across the life of a project.

An architect who you can deal with directly, and an architect that is easy to work with.

Communication matters – the ability to pick up the phone or send an email directly to the person in charge is invaluable.

An architect that values the fine details alongside the broad picture

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