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Design-driven projects with commercial focus

Yes, those two things can co-exist.

Being a developer is exciting – you have the opportunity to create buildings that will stand for generations and enrich a neighbourhood. The sky is the limit … but let’s not forget about the stakeholders, budgets and regulations bringing you back down to earth.

We see the juggle, and back you with a team skilled at finding the balance between great design and the pragmatic considerations of launching a successful development. With a construction manager on our directorial team, you know we value the logistics of your project just much as the aspirational architecture we’re striving for.

Service is a key word for RUBI Architects. However, service isn’t interpreted by simply saying yes to everything on a client’s wish list. The practice is highly focused not only on design, but as importantly, practicality, the ‘buildability’ of a project within a given budget. Alex Rubilar’s extensive experience building homes in the United States as well as Antonio La Torre’s experience in construction management, has empowered the duo to deliver rather than simply promise.


The foundations of your project



We do the research to attract the right residents, appease your stakeholders and maximise every square foot of space for return on investment. These insights shape the project’s concept and aesthetic. 



Biophilic design, connection to neighbourhood, a sense of security and accessibility considerations all make a meaningful contribution to the lives of your residents. We design places where people thrive.



The saying time equals money rings true on a development. Project management systems, robust documentation and a responsive team keep your project on schedule during design and construction



Built to stand for generations, our sophisticated buildings are enduring in design. Each is created to consider energy efficiency, craftsmanship and the changes in how people live. 

Our services

Apartments and townhouses

Architecture that elevates the market value of apartment and townhouse developments. 

Aged care and retirement living

Good design should be accessible to everyone – including those in care and shared living.

Our services include:

Architectural design and documentation
Interior design
Planning permit applications
Building permit applications
Property subdivisions
Feasibility studies
Sustainable design consulting
Builder selection
Construction contract administration 


"Alex and Antonio enjoy what they do. They are not just churning out designs - they have a purpose and want to design buildings that are sustainable. Plus their documents are clear and describe exactly what needs to be built. I believe the mark of a good architect is how few questions you get from the building team, and we haven't had many at all. And if there are issues, they come back to me straight away. I will use them for future projects, because they have delivered for us."

– Chris Huddart, genU

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