How we work with our clients

Our commitment to making your dream projects a reality through excellence in design is expressed at every stage of our services to our clients. We aim to provide our clients with a straight forward and clear service. Our fees are competitive, and our services delivered at the highest standard possible to ensure our clients have the best solution that fulfils and answers every requirement. Please refer to our testimonial section for recent client feedback.

Free Initial consultation and meeting with the lead architect.

Following your enquiry, we will set up a meeting with you so that we can get to know you and learn about your project vision. In some cases, it is better to meet on site, so that we can explore together and discuss the many aspects of your property. The initial meeting is also a chance for you to get to know us and see if we are the right fit for your project. Up to this point, there is no cost. It’s a free consultation.

We will come to this first meeting having done preliminary research into your property as required. This may include local planning reports and conditions, lot size and orientation, neighbourhood character, high resolution aerial images, and preliminary information regarding existing services to the property such as water, gas, electricity and nbn,

Preparation of a Brief and Concept Design

If you decide to use our services, the first stage is the Concept Design Stage. Concept design comprises two phases: pre-design, the research and information-gathering phase; and design, during which Rubi Architects explore and illustrate design and cost options appropriate to the size of the project, for you, the client, to consider.

Design Development

The concept design will be developed further to produce a more detailed proposal that aligns with your budget and design requirements. The design will then be fixed once all parties are in agreement and usually at the end of this stage a full planning application will be submitted.

Construction Documentation

During construction documentation Rubi Architects will prepare drawings and specifications that will be used in the construction process. The design is developed to include detailed information, design of the services, structure, and other architectural items. Further consultants will usually be required at this stage to provide specialist design input for items outside of our expertise. These construction documents will also be used to call tenders or negotiate prices with the builder and for the building approval application.

Contract Administration

During Contract administration we can work to ensure that the construction contract is executed in accordance with the terms of the contract, deal with queries on-site and coordinate site inspections.

The contract administration may include the tender stage and the post-construction stage.

How we work with Builders

Often when homeowners are planning a renovation or new home, the first person they’ll call is a local builder.

It makes sense. They want something built so they call a professional who can build things.

Much of our work is referred to us by local builders who are familiar with the quality of our work and understand that our buildings are always designed carefully considering how they will be put together on site.

We deliver successful projects by building meaningful relationships with our clients AND builders over the time we work with them.

The building plans we provide for every project are well developed and are easy to understand. That’s because we understand that a good architect must have solid, practical knowledge of how buildings are built, on site, on the tools. And when buildings are documented thoroughly and accurately, it makes the builder’s life easier; no surprises, thorough estimates and job pricing, less variations, no arguments, more job satisfaction.

Alex Rubilar had years of experience working as part of a construction company in New Jersey, USA, building luxury homes and commercial projects from the ground up. When he moved to Australia in 2004 Alex worked as an estimator and detailer of prefabricated engineered timber products. This allowed him to gain valuable knowledge of the local construction methods and technologies. Now, as an architect, Alex has the advantage of practical skills learnt on site, which he uses to design buildable, refined buildings and devise solutions to problems that may arise on site.

Rubi Architects understand the value of a builder’s knowledge and experience. We encourage builders to work with us in delivering great projects. We find it especially valuable to work with builders from the early stages of some projects. If you are a builder and are looking to develop a great relationship with an architect, give us a call.

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