Market opportunities for quality design in re-zoned West Geelong and Highton

Geelong has become a booming regional centre with a population climbing faster than almost anywhere else in Australia. The Geelong Advertiser reported the number of people moving to the City of Greater Geelong has grown 26 per cent in the year to June 2021.

The city’s plan to address long term population growth will see the largest urban growth project undertaking in regional Victoria, including northern and western Geelong who are predicted to welcome more than 110,000 new residents.

To create sustainable development for these areas, they’re seeking to increase housing diversity by facilitating infill developments for medium and high rise developments that contribute to the character of the existing urban areas. Their focus is on providing new housing in areas which are within a walking or cycling distance to existing services, public transport and activity centres – making Geelong West the ideal location for development.

The preliminary growth estimate for Geelong West includes 1730 hectares of developable area, and estimates of up to 21,995 new dwellings for the area. With a trip from Geelong to Melbourne via train being just over 1 hour, it is seen as a viable option for those wishing for a different pace of life while only being a stone’s throw from Melbourne.

Community engagement shows strong support for design excellence and sustainability for the area. We’re excited to see how Rubi Architects can be a part of shaping the area which has been a significant part of our practice.

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