Sustainable Luxury – Architecture for the Modern World.

There is a common misconception that luxury living cannot co-exist with passive, sustainable design. This quite simply is not the case. Why can’t a high-end home function in an environmentally conscious manner, without losing its contemporary ease, comfort and visual character?

Passive design is a sustainable building standard that responds to local climate and site conditions to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home. It focuses on renewable sources of energy such as the sun and wind to provide household heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting.

Put simply, it’s climate responsive design – not a deprivation of the modern comforts and aesthetic beauty that we’ve become accustomed to and enjoy. Working smarter, not harder. Incorporating the highest quality finishes and the latest in technology and invention – we offer our clients the designer edge.

Home buyers at the luxury end appreciate conserving energy, but at the end of the day building attractive homes that suit the needs of the buyer is always the brief.

Passive homes also offer a higher and healthier standard of living with cleaner air and a quieter environment. This combined with a strong and innovative design vision – the outcome realises the ultimate quality of life and luxury.

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