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Ready to create the best home you've ever lived in?

A home where everything has its place – whether that’s your art, the cat’s bed or an ever-growing collection of books. And when you look around, you see the story of how it all came to be. The materials you chose, the outlook you wanted to frame and the ideas you ushered into existence by trusting us to take your home beyond what you first thought was possible. 

When we say this process is all about you, this is what we mean. It’s also what we mean when we say our architecture is beautiful, but down to earth – because even visually engaging spaces need to be organised to keep life under control. This balance is the essence of a place you never want to leave, and always look forward to coming home to.


Design foundations of your residence



It starts with a connection to your surrounds. A city view, courtyard garden or coastal outlook is the anchor for your home and an energising source of light and air for indoor spaces. 


To build a home with longevity, we design for the future. Climate responsiveness, material lifecycle and how you will power your home in years to come are considered from day one of design. 


Views outside, fresh ventilation, natural light, a sense of security and accessibility considerations enhance your wellbeing at home. This is a place to thrive. 


Visual rhythm evolves through cues from established structures, the landscape and flow of your life. Even if you can’t explain the vision in your head, we have a process to uncover what you’re aiming for. 

Our services

Urban residences

Renovations and new builds that maximise the potential of complex urban sites. 

Rural and coastal residences

Homes anchored to the energy of the landscape you’re escaping to. 

Our services include:

Architectural design and documentation
Interior design
Planning permit applications
Building permit applications
Property subdivisions
Feasibility studies
Sustainable design consulting
Builder selection
Construction contract administration 


"Alex was a pleasure to deal with while planning the full renovation of our house. He took our ideas and essential elements and created a design that was both innovative and functional, while keeping with nature. We highly recommend Alex as a professional and would be delighted to use his services again in the future."

– Jaime Dimery

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