Rural abode in Winchelsea

Nestled within the serene embrace of Winchelsea’s rural landscape, RUBI Architects embarks on a visionary journey with a vibrant young family. The canvas: over 19 acres of Farmland, a tranquil haven that echoes with the laughter of a couple, their daughter, and a menagerie of cherished animals.

Design Vision:

Envision a modern rural abode, seamlessly blending darker hues with the natural tapestry. Gable-shaped roofs dance in harmony with vast windows, capturing panoramic views of the Otways. This family seeks not just a home but a haven for their active lifestyle and a sanctuary for their rescued companions.

Functional Splendor:

This 500-square-meter residence, adorned with balconies and a pool, resonates with the rhythm of rural life. Each space meticulously crafted to harness northern sun in winter and offer vistas of the Otways. Sustainability takes center stage as this off-grid marvel embraces passive design, harmonizing with its surroundings.

Heartbeat of the Home:

For this young family, sustainability isn’t a checkbox but a way of life. The home narrates a story of careful zoning, energy efficiency, and an intimate connection with the land. The interiors unfold—a spacious kitchen, a doggy haven in the laundry, and a private retreat for parents crowned by a bespoke balcony view.

Milestone Moments:

As construction prepares for its ballet in mid-2024, the dream will unfurl into reality by early 2025. RUBI Architects, entrusted by these visionaries, embraces the challenge with passion, crafting not just a home but an ode to rural living.

Join us on this odyssey where architecture meets nature, where a family’s dream converges with the heartbeat of the countryside. Discover Winchelsea’s hidden gem—a sustainable sanctuary embracing modernity and rural charm.

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