What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Why it can cost you more NOT to Engage an Architect.

It’s a dream for many to build a beautiful, designer home, but when it comes to hiring a professional to carry out the job, many find the thought uncomfortable and daunting. There are numerous preconceived notions about working with architects – that we’re expensive, that we will dominate the design planning with our own ‘signature look’ or that we only apply to high-end projects.

Architects are problem solvers by nature and they have an ability to see the possibilities the untrained simply can’t. Potentially saving money and in addition…adding value to your investment.

Of course, any specialised craft and expertise comes at a price, as it should. But in the long run, it can save you money (and stress!) by avoiding design blunders by amateurs late into the project and paying twice over to correct.

Architects also have a repertoire of reputable contacts within the construction industry, we’re up-to-date with the latest in materials and energy saving techniques. All offering benefits and cost saving, long after the project is completed.

It’s most important to feel comfortable and understood by your architect. Don’t be afraid to explore what’s possible, to ask questions, to educate yourself before starting any project – big or small. That’s what we’re trained for and why RUBI Architects encourage the conversation.

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