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Crafting personalized and budget-conscious design for ideal living.

Getting the brief right lies at the core of RUBI Architects’ process, well before a design takes shape. And while there are the in-depth discussions, there’s also an extensive written questionnaire that allows a direction to be taken – from questions that relate to sustainability, something the practice is recognised for, to how the owners want to live their lives – their daily routines and the length of time they hope to stay: Is it a ‘forever’ home or a place where they see themselves living for a few years? And importantly, what are their real, rather than their perceived needs?

It’s only when all these questions are satisfactorily answered that the design process can begin. And given RUBI Architects’ knowledge of the building industry, it also understands what can be fully achieved – creating something both beautiful and, as importantly, functional in the process – a quality and type of space that has been individually crafted for the owners and their specific needs. While it’s always possible to fill a client’s ‘wish list’, the word ‘budget’ is addressed from the outset, ensuring the pleasure comes from moving into the home rather than worrying about financial overruns – a place they can afford as much as enjoy.

Your experience with us goes like this:



This isn’t just a buzzword around here – it’s something you experience from your first encounter with us. We’re upfront about timeframes, budget and how feasible your ideas are. Well before we even talk about drawing up project contracts, you have time to get to know us and set clear expectations.  


There is no value in an idea that cannot be executed. That’s why we run our practice with the same systems used by large firms and have construction management skills in-house. Our architects are equipped with all the resources they need to test designs against budget, timelines and buildability. 


Elevated Design

It might sound like software, systems and project management would stifle the design process … but they have the opposite effect. Because your project is so well organised, we can dedicate more time to design and less time to ad min. That means the time you pay for is spent making the design the best it can be.  


Global Experience

You get the best of worlds: architects who know the local market intimately, yet draw on global experiences to depart from what has been done before. Past work in Chile, Spain, USA and Tokyo enriches our aesthetic and floorplans, and our network of skilled local craftspeople brings it all to life. 



Organic shapes, contrasting textures and sculpted natural materials infuse a space with energy. Inspired by your lifestyle, taste and the surrounding landscape, the materials, colours and textures we choose for your home will create a feeling of abundance. 



Your ideas are valued and nothing is off limits (did we mention we once designed a home with hidden cat tunnels throughout?). So if something is important to you, it’s important to us – after all, this level of customisation is why you have chosen to work with an architect. 

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