Why buyers seek natural light, air flow and outdoor space for their apartment

Apartment and townhouse buyers – like all home buyers – seek comfort.

Too little light, and it’s not comfortable. Not enough fresh air, and it’s not comfortable. Limited access to the outdoors, and it’s not comfortable. Too hot or cold, and it’s not comfortable.

To understand what comfort a buyer seeks to gain from their apartment or townhouse, we must consider how they live. Homes are seen as a place to retreat, and to design for this we need to consider what will recharge a person from their daily life. This considers both the external architecture, as well as the internal space planning, and the unity between the two.

Architecture and design play an important role in shaping how we feel, and increasingly, people are looking for access to nature and fresh air for health and wellbeing in their lives. A design solution is to consider the basic principles of passive design – prioritising orientation and access to natural light, breezes and the outdoors to create quality spaces.

Drawing natural light into internal spaces and opening up to the outdoors for airflow not only enhances a design of a space but attracts buyers who seek that comfort. As we become more focused on living sustainably, so too do buyers when purchasing an apartment or townhouse. Passive design principles that give a practical answer to lowering our carbon footprint may be the answer.

Whether they know it or not, buyers intuitively want it. And more importantly, they’re prepared to pay a premium for it.

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